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noncommutative geometry seminar 2011

what is #angs@t?

Welcome to #angs@t (pronounced ‘angst’), the group-blog accompanying the master-course ‘seminar noncommutative geometry’ given at Antwerp University (Belgium).

Clearly, ‘angs’ is short for Antwerp Noncommutative Geometry Seminar, and the addendum @t indicates that all tweets about the seminar should include the hashtag #angs. Such tweets will appear in the sidebar on the main page.

practical info

The IRL-part of the seminar begins every friday around 13h in room G 0.16 (campus Middelheim) and ends sometime after 16h when exhaustion strikes lecturer and/or public. Normally lectures are given in Dutch unless the assembled public demands otherwise, in which case we effortless switch to pidgin English.

The virtual-part of the seminar happens here and on twitter, and will be entirely in English. Here, we will collaboratively try to write course-notes, using the EditFlow plugin. Anyone interested to contribute can send an email to lieven.lebruyn at If you have a twitter-account, please tweet about the seminar using the hashtag #angs.

the plan

We will try to sketch an approach to the next biggest conjecture in number theory (after the Riemann hypothesis), the ABC-conjecture, using geometry over the field with one element $\mathbb{F}_1$ and noncommutative geometry.

Here’s a crude outline of the topics/papers we will cover (anticipate major changes):